Liam Gallagher blasted by mental health charity over Adam Ant remarks

Singer is under fire for calling the 1980s popstar 'nutty'

Former Oasis singer and current Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has been criticised by mental health charity Mind over comments he made about 80s popstar Adam Ant, who suffers from bipolar disorder.

Gallagher has been criticised after he described Ant as “nutty” in an interview in this week’s NME. The singer was responding to a question about the row that had broken out between the two men after Ant had said he would like to deal with Gallagher “man to man” to settle a dispute over a track. The song in question featured on Ant’s recent studio album and included a contribution from Beady Eye‘s Andy Bell.

The singer had told NME when asked if he was a fan of the 80s popstar: “Adam and the Ants? No. Not into a geezer who wears make-up. Especially fucking nutty ones. And tell him ‘You’re not the only one who’s off his tits.'”


Sue Baker, who is in charge of the charity’s ‘Time To Change’ campaign, which aims to end discrimination in the workplace against those who suffer from mental illness, has called Gallagher‘s comments “not helpful”.

She told The Sun:

It’s not helpful for people brave enough to be open to be met with name calling. Many celebrities, like Adam Ant, have spoken out about their mental health problems and we are so grateful that they do.

Gallagher is currently touring the UK with Beady Eye.


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