Alan McGee berates fans for criticising Beady Eye’s ‘Bring The Light’

'How can you judge them on one tune?' says former label boss

Alan McGee has hit out at fans for posting negative reviews of Beady Eye‘s first song ‘Bring The Light’ online.

Reviews of Liam Gallagher’s band’s track have been posted on NME.COM since its release yesterday (November 10), with some saying they were disappointed with the debut.

McGee, who signed Oasis to his Creation label in 1993, said people should not judge the band on just one song and declared that there was little doubt that Beady Eye would prove to be a great band.

“I was on the internet this morning, everybody’s judging the band on one tune,” he told NME. “How can you do that? Let’s hear the album.”

He added: “It’s a fucking free download. It’s too early to fucking say. Think of the talent in that band: Gem [Archer], [Chris] Sharrock, Liam Gallagher, the best frontman there’s ever fucking been! And Andy Bell, one of the best guitarists up there with [Jimmy] Page. How can that be a bad band?”

Beady Eye‘s debut album is expected to be released next year. ‘Bring The Light’ is available as a free download now.