Beady Eye’s ‘Bring The Light’ – fans give their verdict

Liam Gallagher's new band's first single assessed

Beady Eye made their first song ‘Bring The Light’ available as a free download yesterday (November 10), and fans have been giving their verdict on the track via the NME.COM Office Blog.

The song is available for free from the band’s official website,, and will also be released as a seven-inch vinyl, with a cover of World Of Twist‘s ‘Sons Of The Stage’ on the B-side, via the same site.

Based on the mini-reviews posted on NME.COM it seems reactions to Beady Eye‘s debut have been mixed.

NME.COM user psj3809 wrote: “I’m torn on this, [I’m a] huge Oasis fan but at the moment [I’m] very disappointed… [I] suppose Liam can’t win, if it sounds like another Oasis song he’ll get slated, if it sounds different… he’ll get slated as well. Disappointed, [I] need to hear another tune.”

Mark, meanwhile, wrote: “I like it. It’s a departure enough to be considered ‘them’, and not ‘Oasis‘, but it’s a big tune. Good song. And I like it more after every listen.”

User legend was less positive about the song, writing: “Great piano loop but [I] can’t help but feel this could have been mega, and [I have a] feeling of disappointment that the song sort of doesn’t go anywhere. It’s Liam by numbers, verse, chorse and repeat the first verse again and again, seems like he has always had a problem coming up with a second verse.”

Have your say and listen to the song on the NME Office Blog now.

Beady Eye‘s debut album will be released next year.