Liam Gallagher slams Noel over Oasis’ ‘shocking’ music videos

Beady Eye man also says Noel treated Oasis 'like a backing band'

Liam Gallagher has criticised brother Noel once again, blaming him for the look of Oasis‘ music videos.

The Beady Eye man also hit out against his brother’s treatment of the rest of the band.

Speaking to Spin magazine, he said: “Some of the videos we did were fucking shocking. ’Lyla’ for example – we look like fucking Culture Club on shit acid.”


The promo for ‘Lyla’ showed Oasis playing at a masked ball, where a girl who is mistreated by her boyfriend is the star guest. Scroll down and click below to watch it.

Liam added that with Beady Eye he wants to “do things the right way – my way, for once.”

He added: “Noel used to have the big vision. Sometimes he treated us like his fucking backing band. Oasis was done. Even a blind man could see it. It was: new record, do the videos, big tour, have a fight. I’m glad that routine has come to an end.”

Beady Eye are currently on their first European tour.

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