Liam Gallagher gets £7,000 teeth for Beady Eye tour – Tabloid Hell

The singer's new gnashers are 'American-friendly', we read

Liam Gallagher has gone and get himself a new set of teeth for the princely sum of £7,000 – accordng to a tabloid newspaper today (March 15).

If one red-top is to be believed, the singer wanted to get some shiny new gnashers for the launch of Beady Eye, who have just started playing live.

One of those “anonymous sources” is quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: “Liam wasn’t quite at the Shane MacGowan stage but his teeth were pretty dodgy. Beady Eye is a big deal for Liam and he felt under pressure to look his best for his musical comeback.”

They added: “He knows his teeth have never been his strong point, so decided now was the time to get them done. Liam had a place recommended to him, and booked in for a consultation. A few weeks later he went for it, having his grey fillings replaced with white ones, and some veneers put in for a more even look.”

Apparently the new teeth are ‘American-friendly’ too, in case Beady Eye give cracking the States a shot.

Liam is currently showing off the supposedly pricey gnashers on the band’s first European tour.