V Festival still expecting Beady Eye to play following guitarist’s injury

The band have pulled a string of dates after guitarist Gem Archer was admitted to hospital

V Festival organisers have confirmed that Beady Eye are still scheduled to play the event later this month (August 17 and 18).

The band have been forced to cancel dates in Belgium (August 5) and Summer Sonic in Japan (August 10) after guitarist Gem Archer was hospitalised with severe head trauma. The guitarist – pictured above on the right – was involved in an accident on the evening of August 1 and was taken to hospital. A statement released by the band last night (August 5) revealed that Archer is in a stable condition but will stay in hospital under observation for the time being.

While it remained unclear whether the band would still appear at V Festivals in Staffordshire and Chelmsford later this month (August 17 and 18), organisers of the event have told NME that at present, the band’s set will still go ahead. “Unless they hear otherwise they’re still playing,” a spokesperson for the festival’s promoters said.


Speaking about playing the gig to NME earlier this year, Liam Gallagher: revealed: “I like V Festival, it’s good man. I’ve got unfinished business there this time so I wanted to do that. I want to get back there and smash its head to fucking pieces man, let people know we’re the bollocks.”

Oasis famously pulled out of the second leg of V Festival in 2009. Having played the Staffordshire site, they pulled out of Chelmsford after Liam Gallagher caught viral laryngitis. Oasis split up a week later and it would be their last gig. In July 2011, Noel Gallagher claimed that the gig was cancelled because Liam was hungover – a claim Liam then tried to sue him for. He dropped the legal action a couple of weeks later after Noel apologised.

Liam told NME earlier this year about the spat: “Noel was going round saying all that shit about me not being in bed pissed up, didn’t do a gig and all that at V Festival and it was bollocks, saying I wanted to sell Pretty Green merch and it was like, ‘Look, you’d better wind your neck in or I’m going to get the fucking lads on you’. He was going, “Bring it on, dickhead”. So I was like, ‘There you go, there’s a lawyer’.”