Liam Gallagher will fight to save marriage following cheating allegations, his father says

The Beady Eye frontman is reportedly suing The New York Post over allegations that he fathered a lovechild with a US journalist

Liam Gallagher‘s estranged father Tommy has spoken out in defence of his son and predicted that the Beady Eye singer’s marriage will survive allegations of cheating and fathering a “secret lovechild”.

The former Oasis frontman is reportedly suing The New York Post for libel after the newspaper alleged that he impregnated a reporter, since named as Liza Ghorbani, while cheating on wife Nicole Appleton with her in 2010.

In an interview with the Sunday People, Tommy Gallagher said: “Liam’s very genuine, he’s not the lunatic the papers make him out to be. When he parks his caravan, he parks it for a while. I thought their relationship was an absolute nailed on forever and I still think it is. I could give Liam all the advice in the world but he will do the right thing, you can bet on it.”

Continuing, Tommy Gallagher explained that his son will fight hard to save his five-year marriage to Appleton, with whom he has a son, 12-year-old Gene. “The big guy will be giving it all. He’ll make out he doesn’t care on the outside but it’s inside that counts,” the frontman’s father said.

During the interview, Tommy Gallagher also claimed that his son had reaped the benefits of receiving his own first-rate DNA. “Liam absolutely takes after me, why wouldn’t he? A big chip off the old block. He couldn’t take after a better man, my genes are unequalled,” the Gallagher patriarch said.