Liam Gallagher reduces mother-in-law to tears as he says ‘Nic deserves better than me’

Nicole Appleton's sister also speaks about the moment Nicole found out about 'love child' claims

Mary Appleton – mother of former All Saints star Nicole Appleton and mother-in-law to Liam Gallagher – says a recent encounter with the Beady Eye frontman reduced her to tears.

Gallagher is reportedly suing The New York Post for libel after they alleged that he impregnated a reporter, since named as Liza Ghorbani, while cheating on Appleton with her in 2010.

Yesterday (July 28), Appleton’s mother told The Sunday Mirror about a trip to Gallagher and Appleton’s north London house to collect Nicole’s post and check on the family cat. Believing Gallagher was still in Spain, where he had been performing with Beady Eye, she was surprised to find the singer at home.


Mary Appleton said: “[Liam] walked up to me and said, ‘Nic deserves better than me’. It was a vile thing to say – such a horrible cliché. I thought that’s him trying to let her down gently. I knew I would cry.”

Nicole’s sister Lori also gave her opinion of Gallagher to the newspaper, reportedly saying: “He’s not a man – he’s just a big girl… Nic is devastated and this is spiralling out of control. We are going to watch Liam crash and burn.” Lori was reportedly at Disney World in Florida with Nicole and family when Gallagher called to report news of the lawsuit. “We’d had just one ride. She went ‘bam’. She fell to the floor and we had to put a rug underneath her,” said Lori. “She is absolutely devastated. She looks like she has been hit by the bus from the movie Speed, but she has the kids to be strong for.”

The first hearing into the case of Liam’s alleged child was held at a New York family court on Friday (July 26). The New York Post reported that Gallagher’s lawyer Raoul Felder, who has represented the former wives of film director Martin Scorsese and Patrick Ewing in the past, informed the Manhattan Family Court that his client would not hand over information about his assets until a confidentiality agreement was in place. Ghorbani is reportedly claiming £2 million in child support fees.

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