Liam Gallagher would rather ‘shoot himself in the balls’ than take Robbie Williams’ advice

Beady Eye frontman hits back at former Take That singer's critique of 'BE'

Liam Gallagher has said that he would rather “shoot himself in the balls” than take advice on music from Robbie Williams.

The claim follows Williams critique of Beady Eye’s latest album ‘BE’, in which the former Take That man claimed the record would be better if it had some actual choruses. Responding to the feedback, Gallagher told The Sun that he didn’t care what people thought about the album, stating: “We didn’t make a record to satisfy some requirements, this was our project. Robbie Williams said the record’s good but the songs have no chorus. I’d rather shoot myself in the balls than follow his advice.”

Gallagher went on to reveal he does not listen to other artists music, though he is aware that perhaps he should. “I do not listen to other music, so I don’t get my inspiration from anybody else, but maybe I should buy an iPod.”


Robbie Williams’ initial comments about ‘BE’ followed Gallagher’s most recent rant about the star, in which he slated the singer and the general public for selling out three nights at the 60,000 Etihad Stadium when Beady Eye only played a night at Manchester’s 1,500 capacity Ritz. “We should be playing the Etihad three nights, not some fucking fat fucking idiot. It could be any fucking clown,” Gallagher vented. “I think it’s a shame that he’s doing three nights and a band like us are doing one night in the Ritz. Poor, mate. It’s not about him, it’s people in general. But it’s about fucking him, just in case you think I’m scared or something.”

This follows in a long line of spats between Williams and the Gallagher brothers, which began in the ’90s when Noel called the singer “the fat dancer from Take That”. Williams then famously offered to fight Liam live on TV at the 2000 Brit Awards.

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