Liam Gallagher reveals he wants to see The Smiths reform next

Beady Eye also aims insults at Kanye West, calling rapper an "idiot"

Liam Gallagher has said that if he could see one band reform it would be The Smiths.

The frontman of Beady Eye, who released their second album ‘BE’ this week (June 10), spoke to GQ in a new interview and was asked who he would like to see reform next. Choosing not to choose his own band, Oasis, Gallagher opted for Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s ’80s band, stating: “I’d like to see The Smiths. I never seen ’em – I weren’t a big fan – but I know all the f***ing songs because my brother was into them. I remember when they split up, man. People were proper running around like headless chickens in Manchester. They got a lot of tunes, man.”

One act Liam is in no rush to spend time with, however, is Kanye West. Taking aim at the ‘Yeezus’ star, Liam mocked him for his megalomanic new album title and a recent run in with paparazzi photographers. “I couldn’t give a fuck what that fucking clown gets up to. Have you seen when he bumped his head? He’s coming out of the gym with that bird and there are geezers taking pictures. You have to put your head up and carry on walking. He’s gone [mimes putting his head down] and walked straight into a fucking pole. You hear it go ‘dink’ and him tell people to stop taking pictures. Put your head up so you know what you’re doing! Smashed his head up: he’s a fucking idiot. You’ll never see Jesus banging his head.”

Beady Eye launched their second album ‘BE’ with an intimate record store show in London earlier this week. They performed at the Rough Trade East store in front of around 150 lucky fans who had queued for wristbands, playing highlights from the Dave Sitek-produced record, as well as a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Cry Baby Cry’.

Beady Eye will play Manchester Ritz on June 19 before heading to London for a show at Camden Centre on June 20. The short stint will come to a close in Glasgow at the ABC on June 22. The band have also lined up summer festival slots at V Festival, Benicassim and T In The Park.