Producer Dave Sitek says new Beady Eye album is about ‘growth and change’

Titled 'BE', the band's second album is released today (June 10)

Dave Sitek has said that the new Beady Eye album, ‘BE’, represents growth and change for the band.

Speaking over footage of himself working with Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye bandmates, Sitek discusses his work on the album, which is released today (June 10).

In the clip, which can be seen above, the producer says: “This will go out into the world, and our work is done, and that’s our primary responsibility. And the gift that we get from doing something like this is, is the present. Like, when we press play. “

He adds: “That’s the highest gift anyone can have, it’s like ‘Woah, fuck’, we made something happen. I mean, life is about growth, it’s about change.” ‘BE’ is the follow-up to Beady Eye’s 2011 debut, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’, and was produced in full by Sitek, whom frontman Liam Gallagher recently declared “the bollocks”.

In a recent interview Gallagher delivered a message to diehard Oasis fans planning to boycott the album. He said: “We’ve made a great rock and roll album but sometimes I feel there’s a lot of people just fucking boycotting what Beady Eye do just for some stupid fucking reason. ‘We’ll boycott that shit no matter what they do because it ain’t Oasis and we want Oasis’ and all that kind of thing. Well fuck you! We’ve experimented or whatever it is, what more do you fucking want?”

The band will launch the album with a special instore gig at London’s Rough Trade East tonight. All wristbands for the intimate show have now been snapped up by fans.

Beady Eye will then play live at Manchester Ritz on June 19 before heading to London for a show at Camden Centre on June 20. The short stint will come to a close in Glasgow at the ABC on June 22. The band have also lined up festival slots at V Festival, Benicassim and T In The Park this summer.