Beastie Boys have recorded 27 songs for their new album due in mid-July...

Beastie Boys have recorded 27 songs for their new album which is released by Capitol on July 13.

The album, which features some songs co-written with Puff Daddy and guest appearances by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and the Japanese avant-garde New York duo Cibo Matto, was pieced together over the last two-and-a-half years at the band’s recording studio in Greenwich Village and is described as having an “old-skool rap flavour”.

Playback sessions were held for Capitol executives in New York last week at which point the band were still deciding between two titles for the record which will be released on double vinyl as well as CD.


Talking to MTV recently, the Beasties blamed the long wait for the album – it’s been four years since ‘Ill Communication’ – on the other projects they’ve been involved with. Mike D has been running their Grand Royal label and Adam Yauch has staged the Tibetan Freedom concerts.

“A lot of times when I’m focussed on the Tibet stuff and Mike’s working on the label, this guy (Adam Horowitz) is going nuts on the SP1200 (a type of sampler)”, Adam Yauch said. “A lot of the beats on this record are all stuff that Adam’s made over the last couple of years on the SP1200.”

Horowitz explained that he’d become “completely obsessed” with the sampler during the making of the album. “It’s like playing Tetris or video games. It goes over and over in your head when you sleep. Some of the stuff you hear on the album is really just us playing in this room (Greenwich village studio), or stuff we did years earlier and others playing live.”

Tracks recorded for the LP are: ‘Super Disco Breakin”, ‘The Move’, ‘Boo Boo’, ‘Remote Control’, ‘Attitude Boy/Song For The Man’, ‘Just A Test’, ‘Body Movin”, ‘Mike Phone/Silly’, ‘Another Dimension’, ‘Frankie 1/Space Shift’, ‘Kalimba’, ‘Piano Joint’, ‘Frankie 2/And Me’, ‘Song For Junior’, ‘Pucho’ ‘Basketball Rain/Tribesman’, ‘Iced Coffee’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Electrify’, ‘End/Listen/Evil Shit’, ‘If I Could Fly’, ‘I’m Not Feeling It’, ‘Unite’, ‘My People’, ‘Arp S**t’, ‘Dr Lee’ and ‘Instant Death’.

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