Beastie Boys are releasing their 1995 mini-album 'Aglio E Olio' for the first time in the UK...

Beastie Boys are finally releasing their 1995 11-minute mini-album ‘Aglio E Olio’ in the UK.

Though available on import before, the eight-track oddity is being released commercially on March 9. It will cost 4.99 and will be released on their own Grand Royal record label.

The tracklisting is: ‘Brand New’, ‘Real With It’, ‘Believe Me’, ‘Nervous Assistant’, ‘Square Wave In Unison’, ‘You Can Catch A Bad One’, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ and ‘I Want Some’.

A Beasties spokesman said the mini-album was “fast and furious punk rock.”

Meanwhile, the Beasties are set to release their long-awaited follow up to their acclaimed ‘Ill Communication’ later this year.