The Beastie Boys: “We wanted to join the ranks of Elton John”

New Yorkers ready career-spanning greatest hits

The Beastie Boys are set to release a new best of compilation – and unlike previous collections this one is unashamedly the trio’s “greatest hits”.

‘Solid Gold Hits’ charts the band’s career from the teenage angst of tracks like ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)’, to the more politically charged recent material like ‘An Open Letter To NYC’.

Despite their own website suggesting the band are marking their 24th year together with the album which is released on November 7, Adrock told NME.COM it’s more about cementing the band’s status.

“Twenty-four would be a strange number, 25 would make sense,” he declared, adding envy was the true motivation behind the collection. “We wanted to join the ranks of Elton John, Steve Miller, Kenny Loggins, Cher. We figured it was about time for us to be with them.”

However when not coveting John’s wealth and friendship with David Beckham, the Beastie Boys confirmed that they have begun working on a follow-up up to 2004’s ‘To The 5 Boroughs’, though don’t expect the band to beat the five years plus it usually takes them to produce a record.

“We have so much already done,” explained Mike D of the sessions that are taking place in New York. “It’s just not realised. The conception stage is one 100 per cent done, finished, put to bed. To actually realise that is a little different…”

‘Solid Gold Hits’ is released on November 7.