The rapper says America's to blame for all that frightful misogyny and homophobia...

BEASTIE BOYS rapper AD ROCK has defended EMINEM against accusations of misogyny and homophobia – the same charges he faced when his band achieved “bad boy” notoriety in the ’80s.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, the star, real name Adam Horowitz, said that the rapper’s critics should blame US culture for the homophobia and misogyny of which he has been accused.

Horowitz, who helped pave the way for Eminem’s credible white rap, along with his fellow Beasties, said: “People place a lot of importance on what he says and give him a lot of shit for what he says, but you got to blame society. You can’t take all the blame off him, but you also got to put the blame on a society that, in America at least, raises boys to be sexist, to be homophobic, to be knuckleheads – that’s the American way.”


Horowitz also acknowledged parallels between where Eminem is now and where the Beastie Boys were at the start of their career. As they launched themselves on the world in 1987, they provoked outrage for their homophobic and sexist statements and for having caged naked dancing girls on stage.

Horowitz conceded: “‘Fight For Your Right To Party’ (one of Beastie Boys’ biggest hits) is stupid. Eminem, the shit that he says is ‘Fight For Your Right To Party 2000’. It’s ignorant. (But) it gives me hope that people can change. You grow wiser and open your eyes and see the effect of what you say on other people.”

He also joined the chorus of stars who have spoken out on the US Presidential debacle, saying the system has “gone to hell”. He added: “It”s scary and it’s sad at the same time.”

When asked if someone in his position, with his profile and huge fanbase appeal could have done more to influence the outcome, he added: “I tried. I went on national TV and said ‘Please don’t vote for Bush’ but people went ahead and voted for Bush.”

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Ad Rock and Beastie Boys guitarist Amery ‘AWOL’ Smith release ‘Simply Mortified’ an album by side project BS2000 through Grand Royal on February 5, 2001. A BS2000 self-titled EP proceeds it on December 5.


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