Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock wants acting role in ‘The Walking Dead’

The rapper says that he would appear in the TV show but not as a zombie

Ad-Rock of Beastie Boys has publicly stated that he would “love” to be in hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead.

The rapper, who recently acted in Noah Baumbach’s acclaimed movie ‘While We’re Young’, is a huge fan of the show.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ad-Rock, real name Adam Horovitz, said: “I fucking love that show. Every moment of that show… I would love to be in ‘The Walking Dead’.”

Horovitz added that he would like to have some say over his role. He insisted: “I don’t want to be a zombie. I want to be like [Daryl’s] friend from the city. Like a distant relative – ‘He’s my uncle’s friend from New York.’ They’re not going to have that are they? I’d show up with like a PBS tote bad and something from Zabar’s – be like, ‘Hey, I got lox! Who wants bagels?'”

The fifth season of The Walking Dead recently concluded, with the sixth expected to premiere in October. A spin-off of the show was recently announced, entitled Fear the Walking Dead, which is set to air this summer.

Ad-Rock recently discussed the possibility of working with bandmate Mike D again.

Speaking to NME, the New York rapper discussed the death of Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch in 2012 and the future of the group without one of its founding members.

“Adam started the band, so we couldn’t do anything without him,” he said. However, Horovitz continued that he is likely to work with Mike D again, but not under the Beastie Boys name: “At some point we’ll do something,” he added.

Horovitz also discussed the upcoming Beastie Boys memoir, which was recently pushed back to a 2017 release. “I try to do a little [writing] every day – it’s not like I have anything else to do!” Horovitz said. “There’s a lot of New York, purposely, in the thing that we’re writing.”

Meanwhile, the band’s debut album ‘Licensed To Ill’ has been certified diamond nearly 30 years after its initial release. The accomplishment places the trio in the elite group of hip-hop artists to reach diamond status, alongside 2Pac, Eminem and OutKast.