Beastie Boys mural to be painted on ‘Paul’s Boutique’ street corner

Artist Danielle Mastrion will create tribute to 1989 album in New York later today

A mural will be painted above the store front on the street corner depicted on the cover of Beastie Boys’ 1989 album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary.

The artwork will be created above the shopfront seen on the iconic album after a commission by the current owner of the property. Rolling Stone reports that artist Danielle Mastrion will begin the project at 11am local time today (July 26).

Mastrion’s mural will be situated on the outside wall of Wolfnights, a sandwich shop found between Rivington and Ludlow. The shop was formerly the Lee’s Sportswear seen on the cover of the rap trio’s second album.

In 2013 a fan’s campaign to get the intersection featured on the cover of ‘Paul’s Boutique’ to be named after the band was rejected by a community board in New York.

A local government unit covering Manhattan rejected the proposal and banned LeRoy McCarthy, the man behind the petition, from reapplying for at least five years. McCarthy is said to be the man who spearheaded the mural idea.