Beastie Boys’ Mike D will host his own Beats 1 Radio Show

First show will premiere this Friday

Beastie Boys‘ Mike D has bagged his own Beats 1 Radio Show. Titled ‘The Echo Chamber’, the first show is set to premiere on Friday.

Each episode will see the rapper and a guest sit down together and play music that they love. Planned guests include Cassius and Slaves – whom he has previously collaborated with – as well as people he’s just a fan of, such as Blood Orange.

Described as a “freeform program”, the show will air on a bi-weekly basis on Apple Music’s internet radio station. The type of music played on the show is said to range form Chance the Rapper to ESG to Arthur Russell.


Speaking to Rolling Stone, Mike D said: “I vacillate between what’s current and things that I think have influenced me a lot. The show also depends on records that I’m working on at this moment as a producer.”

He continued, “So if I have an artist that I’m working with, then we’ll play records that inspired us or that we were listening to in the studio and make it more about that.”

He described hosting his own as “a little bit like a fantasy” that he’s had since he “started buying records as a 13-year-old.” He added: “I’m still the same music fan. I would save my lunch money and go buy a seven-inch singles at the time, ’cause I was into punk rock. That evolved, ’cause I got turned on to different weird music like Liquid Liquid and ESG, different New York things, and then rap. So to actually be able to cut out the middle man and play records and have it be somehow part of a vocation is some weird wish fulfillment.”

‘The Echo Chamber’ will air this Friday, July 15, at 8pm UK time.