Beastie Boys on One Direction: ‘Number one in the world? Really?’

Ad-Rock and Mike D speak to Zane Lowe for Beats 1

Beastie Boys members Ad-Rock and Mike D reunited for an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 yesterday.

This Saturday (August 8) marks the fourth annual MCA Day in honour of late band member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, who passed away in 2012 while their 1989 album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ recently turned 26.

Speaking on Beats 1, the pair discussed the band’s history and gave advice to One Direction on dealing with fame.

Describing their promotional tours, Ad-Rock said: “When you’re a band and you just get big, you have to take thousands of photos. We were so burnt out with European photographers with 20 assistants telling us to stand on our heads while pouring a beer upside down. We were over that. And you have bands like ‘New Edition’, no wait not New Edition… the current ‘New Kids On The Block’. What are they called? One Direction.”


Mike-D added: “Let’s get into that Zane, number one in the world on Beats 1 is One Direction?! I’m sure they’re really nice guys, but really?”

Ad-Rock continued: “You see pictures of these bands and they’re just hating being there. They’re tired and they got pimples. So [we] decided not to do those pictures anymore.”

Listen to the interview in full at Apple Music and see a photo from the event below.

Meanwhile, Jake Bugg recently revealed that he’s working on his new album with Beastie Boys’ Mike D.

The British singer-songwriter made the comments at the Silver Clef Awards in London last month (July 3).

Attending the event, Bugg told the BBC: “I’ve been working with Mike D from the Beastie Boys on my new album in LA. He’s a really cool guy.”

Quizzed on what it’s like to work with the hip-hop star, Bugg replied: “It is a good idea to bounce ideas off someone and get an opinion. If he says it’s cool it is cool. He’s been playing me unheard Beastie Boys mixtapes.”