The show coincides with the US release of the Beastie Boys Anthology DVD video compilation...

The BEASTIE BOYS are to be the subjects in a photo exhibition in NEW YORK showcasing their history.

The exhibition, which will open on November 16 at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, according to the website [url=]

The exhibition will showcase works by artists including Spike Jonze, Ricky Powell and Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch. The art on display will be sold in aid of a charity established by the Beastie Boys to support Tibet’s struggle for independence from China.


The show will coincide with the release in the US of the Beastie Boys anthology DVD on November 7. Footage from the video will also form part of the exhibition.

Speaking about the Anthology, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch said: “I think the idea was to use a lot of the technology that was out there that hasn’t been used yet by other music people. There were interesting things that could be done with it…

“The idea started with our video for ‘Shake Your Rump’. That was done with three different cameras and there were different performances captured by each of the cameras. I always thought it would be interesting to present that in some way – to have all three camera positions available and a viewer could switch between them. And when I discovered that DVDs were capable of that it seemed perfect for a video collection. The idea then came up of using remixes on the alternate audio tracks. So what we did was to take different remixes of songs and sort of edit them or speed them up or slow them down so that you could swap the audio tracks. As a result, a number of the videos we’ve included now have alternate camera angles or outtake footage in addition to having different audio tracks – so you can now switch between them at your leisure.”

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