Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch is ‘feeling fine’ after cancer battle

Rapper also reveals he could be well enough to play Coachella

Beastie BoysAdam Yauch is “feeling fine” after his recent battle with cancer.

Yauch, who was diagnosed with the disease back in July, had a cancerous tumour from his left parotid gland removed shortly after and has been recovering ever since.

“I’m feeling fine now, after the surgery,” Yauch told Movie Line. “But it’s definitely an interesting thing, you know.”

The frontman also revealed that the band are currently working on an upcoming tour, and he gave an update on the release date for their next album ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 1’.

“We’re just in the process of figuring that out now,” he explained. “The record was pretty much set for release this past September, but we had to postpone it, because of health issues.”

As for specifics on when he might be well enough to begin touring again, Yauch revealed that they are in discussion to play next year’s Coachella. “That’s definitely something we’re discussing and trying to figure out if that makes sense. Believe me, it would be fun if it does come together,” he added.