Beastie Boys return to scene of notorious London show

The band play a marathon set at Brixton Academy

Beastie Boys returned to the scene of one of their most notorious show – London‘s Brixton Academy – to play a career-spanning greatest hits set last night (September 4).

The band first played the venue in 1987 around the time of debut album ‘Licensed To Ill’, when they were causing a storm in the UK tabloids for alleged ‘bad boy’ behaviour, which resulted in the band being bottled onstage in Liverpool and bandmember Adam ‘Ad Rock’ Horowitz being arrested.

The stage set then also included a hydraulic penis, a DJ riser modelled on a six-pack of Budweiser and girls in cages.


This time around the more sedate show boasted a backdrop that included several leaf-shaped video screens, and a riser that spelt out ‘MMM’ for DJ Mixmaster Mike.

The 30-song set, watched by a capacity crowd including MIA, was smattered with classics such as ‘Sure Shot’, ‘Ch-Check It Out’, ‘Shake Your Rump’, ‘Time To Get Ill’, ‘Intergalactic’ and set closer ‘Sabotage’.

Beastie Boys played:

‘Mmm Solo’

‘Time For Living’



‘Off The Grid’

‘Root Down’

‘Super Disco Breakin”

‘Sure Shot’

‘Shake Your Rump’

‘Live At PJs’

‘Remote Control’

‘Electric Worm’

‘Lighten Up’

‘Tough Guy’

‘Brass Monkey’

‘Pass The Mic’

‘Flute Loop’

‘Skills To Pay’

‘Time To Get Ill’

‘Son Of Neckbone’

‘The Gala Event’

‘Egg Raid’


‘Alright Hear This’

‘Ch-Check It Out’

‘Body Movin”

‘3 MC’s And One DJ’

‘So What’cha Want’


‘Heart Attack Man’


The band play the same venue again tonight (September 5), before playing an instrumental gig at the Roundhouse in the UK capital on Thursday (September 6). Both shows are sold out.