And they are also making their entire back catalogue available in the same way...

Beastie Boys are to release material from their forthcoming album ‘TO THE 5 BOROUGHS as well as their entire back catalogue through APPLE’s iTUNES.

The rappers are premiering ‘Ch-Check It Out’ digitally, giving fans an exclusive taste of their first LP in six years. ‘To The 5 Boroughs’ will come out this summer through Capitol Records.

The trio also put out their entire back catalogue online yesterday (April 27) through the downloading service – spanning seven albums and over 122 tracks.

Celebrating the first anniversary of iTunes, this marked the first official digital release of Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’, ‘Hello Nasty’, ‘Check Your Head’, ‘Ill Communication’, the ‘Sounds Of Science’ anthology, ‘Some Old Bullshit’, ‘The In Sound From Way Out’ as well as 21 exclusive non-LP track mixes.

As previously reported on NME.COM, ‘To The 5 Boroughs’ features many political comments on the state of America, including a call to vote George Bush out of office, as well as slamming his foreign policy.

The album features a song called ’An Open Letter To NYC’ which looks at their home city following the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The tracklisting runs:

‘Ch-Check It Out’

‘Right Right Now Now’

‘The Hard Way’

‘Time To Build’

‘Rhyme The Rhyme Well’

‘Triple Trouble’

‘Hey F*** You’

‘Oh Word?’

‘That It’s That All’

‘All Life Styles’


‘An Open Letter To NYC’

‘Crawl Space’

‘The Brouhaha’

‘We Got The’