The album will be released in the summer...

Beastie Boys have named their new album ’TO THE 5 BOROUGHS’.

The album, the follow-up to ’Hello Nasty’ will be released in the summer. The most likely single from the album will be called ’Ch-Check It Out’, according to Billboard in the US.

The album is said to feature many political comments on the state of America, including a call to vote George Bush out of office, as well as slamming his foreign policy.

The album features a song called ’An Open Letter To NYC’ which looks at their home city following the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The tracklisting runs:

‘Ch-Check It Out’

‘Right Right Now Now’

‘The Hard Way’

‘Time To Build’

‘Rhyme the Rhyme Well’

‘Triple Trouble’

‘Hey F*** You’

‘Oh Word?’

‘That It’s That All’

‘All Life Styles’


‘An Open Letter to NYC’

‘Crawl Space’

‘The Brouhaha’

‘We Got The’