'In A World Gone Mad' is available to download from NME.COM now...

Beastie Boys have written and recorded a protest song against war in Iraq – which is available to download via NME.COM.

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The track is also available to download on the band’s official website, [url=], In a statement, rapper Adam Yauch said he thought it “important to comment on where the US appears to be heading”.

He continued: “A war in Iraq will not resolve our problems. It can only result in the deaths of many innocent civilians and US troops. If we are truly striving for safety, we need to build friendships, not try to bully the rest of the world. This song is not an anti-American or pro-Saddam Hussein statement. This is a statement against an unjustified war.”

Mike D added: “Being together, writing and recording, we felt it would be irresponsible not to address what’s going on in the world while the events are still current. It didn’t make sense to us to wait until the entire record was finished to release this song.”

The [a][/a] are well known pacifists. After a lengthy break, the group are back in the studio working on new material, and will play live at this year’s Coachella festival in April.

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