Mike D faces an operation on the shoulder injury which caused the postponement of the band's US tour...

BEASTIE BOY MIKE D is to undergo surgery on his shoulder on Monday (July 31), after injuring it in an accident on his bicycle last weekend, causing the postponement of their joint RHYME AND REASON jaunt with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

According to US website Allstar ([url=]www.cdnow.com), he will be out of action for six weeks following the operation to repair damaged ligaments, and will then have to undergo intensive rehabilitation.

In a statement issued yesterday (July 27), Mike said: “On the real, things like these serve as our greatest teachings. The incident happened so fast and so close to my NYC home, yet it has affected so many peoples’ plans for the future. So just when we think we are in control, we are awakened to realise that it is just an illusion of control that we live with. I’m just thankful that all my body parts will soon be functioning normally once again… relatively speaking, of course.”


The Rhyme And Reason tour is unlikely to be rescheduled until he is fully recovered.

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