THE BEASTIE GIRLS! wants to hear what YOU think about the group's plans...

The Beastie Boys are considering introducing ‘female only’ moshpits and a no alcohol policy on their forthcoming US tour with Rage Against The Machine in an attempt to stop “the big knuckleheads” creating an unsafe environment at their concerts.

In an interview on [url=] to promote the Beasties Rhyme and Reason tour with Rage Against The Machine, rapper Ad-Rock was asked whether the band were going to step up safety measures following the Roskilde tragedy last month and the sexual assaults at last year’s Woodstock festival. He said: “I think we’re trying to figure out how to take security on this tour very seriously, and we’ve been trying to come up with ideas of how everybody at the show can be safe and not have to deal with the big knucklehead jumping on them.”

Mike D continued: “We want everybody to enjoy themselves and have a good time and know that there’s no element of danger and not to feel that they’re at risk. If creating a woman-only zone is what it’s gonna take, to me it’s a sad state but, ultimately, if that’s where we’re at, then that’s what we’re gonna have to do.”

Ad-Rock asked fans coming to the shows to “be respectful of each other”. He added: “Just because you’re in a tight, close situation with women at the show doesn’t mean you have the right to grab, to grope. That’s why we want security there – not to keep kids down, but so everybody can have a good time at the show and feel safe.”

The Beastie Boys agreed that one of the reasons safety is an issue is the influence of alcohol at concerts. Mike D commented: “That’s one of the things we’re going through with the venues, trying not to have alcohol sold in these places. If alcohol is creating a negative environment, then we don’t need it. It’s one thing, people choosing to drink, and it’s another thing when you have someone with the beer cart wheeling right by, and it’s like, “Oh, do I want water for $3.50, or do I want beer for $2.50?”

The Beastie Boys‘ joint tour with Rage Against The Machine is due to start on August 2 in Toronto, ending on August 21 in Indianapolis. Also confirmed for the tour are Green Day and rapper Busta Rhymes.

So girls, do you fancy going into an all-female moshpit at gigs? Would you feel safer? Boys, should women be segregated? Would Beastie Boys be better off going back to the old days, when women were in cages at their gigs but their fans could mosh together? We want to know!