Beastie Boys are previewing their upcoming album 'Hello Nasty' on their official internet site...

Beastie Boys are previewing excerpts from their upcoming album ‘Hello Nasty’ on their official internet site.

In a move similar to Massive Attack’s recent website countdown for their last album ‘Mezzanine’, audio samples from the Beasties new album will be made available on the Grand Royal website, every Monday and Thursday. ‘Hello Nasty’ is due for release in June. The album was previewed to a gathering of international journalists in Portugal ten days ago, and features over 20 tracks. The first single, ‘Intergalactic’, is released on May 25.

Meanwhile, the band have released details of all their European appereances in Europe this summer. They are: WDR Festival, Lorely, Germany (June 20), Hurricane Festival, Scheesal, Germany (21), Brixton Academy, London, England (23, 24), St Gallan Festival, St Gallan, Switzerland (26), Roskilde Festival, Denmark (27), Ruisrock, Turku, Finland (28), Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway (30), Nancy Festival, Nancy, France (July 2), Torhout Festival, Torhout, Belgium (4), Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium (5), Olympia, Paris, France (6), Libro Hall, Vienna, Austria (8), Dr Music Festival, Pyrenees, Spain (10), Big Day Out, Galway, Ireland (11), T In The Park, Kinross, Scotland (12), Lowlands Festival, Lelystad, Holland (August 28), Reading Festival, Reading, England (29).

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