Thousands of copies of the band's new album 'Painting In Red' are recalled after they are sent to shops with two tracks missing...

Thousands of copies of the new Beautiful South album ‘PAINTING IT RED’ have been recalled after they were sent to shops with two tracks missing.

According to a report in today’s Daily Star newspaper, copies of ‘Painting It Red’ were scrapped after the first and last tracks, ‘Who’s Gonna Tell’ and ‘Chicken Wings’, were omitted – even though the artwork and casing for the albums were correct.

A spokesperson for the Beautiful South told that the mix-up occurred during the manufacturing process, but has now been rectified. She continued: “There are three different versions of the album, a double 20-track CD, the 19-track UK version and a 17-track international version. Somehow the 17-track version ended up in the UK casing.”

Fans who have bought the wrong version of the record can get it replaced at the point of purchase.

‘Painting It Red’ was released on Monday (October 9) and is currently fighting Placebo‘s ‘Black Market Music’ for the Number Two position in this Sunday’s album chart. Radiohead‘s ‘Kid A’ is a virtual certainty to retain the number one position.