Now it looks like another acoustic album's on the cards...

BECK says the rise of THE STROKES and White Stripes made him give up on the idea making a rock record.

Now the star plans to release a second acoustic album within 12 months of his last one, ‘Sea Change’.

The star’s latest album, released earlier this year, was a move away from the funk-inspired tunes on its predecessor ‘Midnite Vultures’.


Speaking in the US, Beck said that although he started work on a rock album, the emergence of The Strokes and [/a] has put him off the idea for the time being.

“I like the Strokes and the [a].” he told Rolling Stone. “They’re writing good new songs. It’s funny – about a year and a half ago, I started a rock record, because there was no rock out. Usually I’ll make a record where it’s something I want to hear, and I’m not hearing it anywhere else.”

However, Beck does have a catalogue of unheard material left over from the ‘Sea Change’ sessions yet to see the light of day.

He added: “I have a lot more of these songs. I’ll make another album like (‘Sea Change’) in the not too distant future. I would love to put out two records a year. I could really get a momentum going – there are songs ready to go.

Asked about other musical ambitions, he replied: “I would so love to do a great club song. That’s what I tried to do on ‘Midnite Vultures’. Certain artists have that: You put their record on, and everyone’s dancing. And there is a sense of humour in the R&B world. You can’t deny R Kelly: “I like the crotch on you.” Does he mean it? Does it matter?”

Beck is currently on tour in the US with [a][/a].

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