The nine-track album will only be available via the Internet...

BECK’s eponymous forthcoming B-sides and remix CD, which features mixes of tracks by fans who entered a competition through his official website, will be available from February 20.

As previously reported on NME.COM, it includes rare B-sides to ‘Nicotine And Gravy’, two remixes of ‘Mixed Bizness’ from the competition which was judged by Beck himself, and also remixes of tracks by his keyboard player, Roger Manning.

The tracklisting for the album, which will only be available, priced $10, through, is:

‘Arabian Nights’

‘Dirty Dirty’

‘Midnite Vultures’

‘Mixed Bizness’ (Latin-Shot mix by Scatter-Shot Theory)

‘Mixed Bizness’ (Hardmixn by Jake Kozel)

‘Salt In The Wound’

‘Sexx Laws’ (Malibu Remix)


‘Nicotine And Gravy’ video

Beck’s ‘Midnite Vultures’ LP is nominated for a Grammy at this year’s awards, despite being released outside the eligibility dates, which, as previously reported on NME.COM, Beck expressed some surprise at when the nominations were announced.