'Midnight Vultures' out in November

Beck announced details of his sixth album last night (Monday September 13) via his official website The album – called ‘Midnight Vultures’ – will be released on 16 November and features collaborations with Kool Keith and Mercury Prize-nominated Beth Orton.

The posting named several tracks from the album, including ‘Sexxlaws’, ‘Milk And Honey’, ‘Debra’, ‘Hlwd. Freaks’ and ‘Mixed Bizness‘. ‘Sexxlaws’ is expected to be Beck’s first single release from the album.

The album is being hailed by Geffen as the official follow-up to Beck’s 1996 album Odelay, even though he released the critically acclaimed Mutations last year. The battle over who would release Mutations led to Beck suing Geffen, but yesterday’s announcement seems to confirm rumours that he settled with the label late last month.