Beck tells NME that essentially, life is silly and why his next record may be 'The Beige Album'...

Beck, whose new album ‘Mutations’ was released yesterday, claims that his next album will be a “dumb-ass” “party” record.

Speaking to John Mulvey in the current issue of NME, Beck responded to reports that the album he is working on now will feature lots of unpleasant ’80s keyboard sounds.

“I don’t wanna talk about it too much and build expectations,” he said.”I’m sensing that a lot of people are coming out with these millennial statements, especially in the next year, and there’s just something gaudy about that: fuck it, I wanna come out with a dumb-ass record. I wanna come out with a party record. ‘Cos, essentially, life is silly. In these high-charged moments, where time and history are supposedly coming to some crosspoint, it’s not a time to soberly step back and consider all the questions of the universe. It’s a time to stick your dick in a gopher-hole. It’s a time to head-butt a eunuch.”


“I’m sure the next album I do will annoy a lot of people. It’s not finished yet, but I’m sure it’s not for everybody. It’s like ‘The White Album’ and ‘The Black Album’ arm wrestling,” he said. “I think it’ll eventually become ‘The Beige Album’, but I hope it doesn’t become too beige, because I think of beige as the colour of complete resignation and conformity. Maybe it’ll be ‘The Fuchsia Album’, I dunno.”

Beck also responded to allegations of “sell-out”: ‘Mutations’ was originally scheduled for release by independent label Bongload. The album has actually come out on Geffen.

“They could’ve put it out if they wanted to. They got a shitload of money, so it worked out for everybody.” he said. “It’s the same record, it doesn’t matter. I record my albums and mix them, and I send them to the record company. It doesn’t matter who they’re for. To me that whole debate is just so absurd. I mean: is the music good or is it bad? I don’t get hung up on the personality who made the song. I don’t care the way somebody’s dressed or who they slept with. Is the song good, y’know?”

Read the full text of Beck in NME, on sale across the country from Wednesday November 11.

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