Beck's new album is finished but which label is putting it out?...

Beck has completed his new album but its release could be delayed because of confusion over which label will put it out.

The album was originally recorded for release by the Los Angeles indie label Bongload but under the terms of Beck’s deal with Geffen, he is still allowed to release records for independent labels. However, NME understands that Geffen are pressuring Bongload for first rights on the album.

A Bongload spokesman told NME: “Right now, there’s a lot of figuring and scrambling going on about what exactly to do. We’re just getting things ironed out with Geffen.”


A spokeswoman for Geffen Records in LA said: “Negotiations are ongoing, but nothing is final. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. It’s all Beck’s decision.”

However, an LA source close to Beck said he thought the record looked likely to be released by Bongload. “Beck’s trying to figure out where he wants it to go. Geffen nearly had the album but things have happened this week that make it look like it’s going to be a Bongload album.”

The as-yet untitled album’s style is said to fall somewhere between ‘One Foot In The Grave’ and ‘Odelay’ and is “part European-style pop, old-school folk and garage rock”. The album, produced by Beck with Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’), includes new tracks ‘Nobody’s Fault’, ‘Electric Music’, ‘Cold Brains’, ‘Dead Melodies’ and ‘Tropical’.

Meanwhile, Geffen plan to release a Beck remix album later this year. There are also plans for a Beck film later this year which will include live footage from his 1996 ‘Odelay’ tour.

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