Watch in astonishment as a fridge shags a cooker...

Beck‘s video for new single ‘Sexx Laws’ has been posted on his website after being premiered last night on MTV. The video starts with members of an ‘Iron John’ style men’s group hugging each other and involves scenes of kitchen utensils, food products and domestic white goods having sex together.

You can also download an Mp3 or Windows Media File of the single from the same site as well as hearing clips from all the tracks on Beck‘s new album ‘Midnite Vultures’.

‘Midnight Vultures’ is out on Monday, November 16; he made his live debut with his new band line-up (new members Lyle Workman and Victor Indrizzo) on Monday at a secret show at the LA Galaxy Theatre.

Beck visits the UK later this month to record sets for TFI Friday and Later With Jools Holland.