Plus, he reveals his original title for 'Midnite Vultures'...

Beck has revealed in an interview with NME how he was tempted to call his new album ‘I Can Smell The VD In The Club Tonight’. In the end he settled for ‘Midnite Vultures’, which is out on November 15 through Geffen.

Talking about the making of the album, Beck said he had at one point planned to do a track with Puff Daddy. Apparently the two of them went into the studio together two years ago but the end result was a disaster. “It wasn’t even a song, it was a failed experiment,” he said. “I was singing something about how expensive my hormones were, and I just got the blankest face from him. And in a diplomatic way, we were shown the door.”

Johnny Marr contributes to the album, playing guitar on ‘Peaches And Cream’. Kool Keith recorded a number of tracks with Beck and although these are not on the album Beck said they would be used as future single B-sides.


He said of the Kool Keith collaboration: “When we hooked up, we immediately wrote three songs together. We were completely on the same wavelength. Whatever our music planets, we were definitely in the same orbit.”

A spokesman explained that Beck had recorded more than 30 tracks for the album, so some tunes were bound to fall by the wayside.

“There’s just shit loads of stuff in the can. It could all crop up at any point but there’s no firm plans,” he said.

Beck claimed the album was “no holds barred”, saying: “On ‘Odelay’ I was being careful to not embarrass myself too much, but on this one I didn’t care… I think it’s the most me, the most personal in a way.”

For the full story on the Beck album and forthcoming single ‘Sexxlaws’, out November 1, see next week’s NME, on sale next Tuesday in London and across the UK from Wednesday.

You can hear a streamed version of the new single in full at [url=]Beck’s official site.

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