Beck tweets studio picture, announcing he’s “back to work”

California star hints at follow up to Grammy winner 'Morning Phase'

Beck has tweeted a studio picture that suggests the follow-up to ‘Morning Phase’ may be on the horizon.

The Californian has been promising an album for some time, not least in claims a follow-up to ‘Morning Phase’ might land by the summer, made back in January.

The multi-instrumental songwriter released single ‘Dreams’ in June, but had previously talked about a full album on top of ‘Morning Phase’ at various stages, with suggested release dates reaching right back to late 2012. He often talked of work on two albums simultaneously.

While ‘Morning Phase’ was the long promised ‘acoustic release’, the second album has simply been described as a studio release in interviews with KCRW and Rolling Stone.


On Wednesday (August 19), Beck tweeted a picture of a sound desk with the caption “back to work”. He spent the early part of August playing a series of festival shows in Scandanavia, finishing in Finland on August 16, as well as playing an earlier New York state gig, but has no further live dates planned at present.

Two weeks ago, Chic’s Nile Rodgers posted a picture in which he shares studio space with Beck, prompting rumours that the two might be planning a collaboration. The tweet also mentioned Sia‘s future arrival.