Nile Rodgers hints that he’s working with Beck and Sia

Chic man recently uploaded a photo to Twitter suggesting a possible team-up

Nile Rodgers has hinted that he’s working in the studio with Beck and possibly Sia too.

The Chic band leader will host his Fold Festival in New York this week (August 3-4), with Beck among those performing, alongside Pharrell, Duran Duran, Janelle Monáe, Chuck D and more.

While Sia isn’t scheduled to appear at the event, Rodgers recently tweeted at the singer: “@Sia Hey Sia! @nilerodgers and @beck sending love from the studio. Hope to see you soon. Nx”. The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Rodgers and Beck together. See above.

Sia and Beck previously worked on ‘MoonQuake Lake’ for the Annie soundtrack.

Nile Rodgers is reportedly also working on a new country music/EDM crossover project with Australian country singer Keith Urban.

“I really pushed him to sing at the top of his range,” Rodgers told Yahoo Music’s Ram Country website. “Keith was nervous about it; he wanted to do another take. But I told him I loved the way it sounds.”

Rodgers added: “His fans may have some kind of problem at first. But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was ‘Let’s Dance’. That’s at least [seven] million albums — he’d never sold anything near that before. So his fanbase got angry: ‘This sucks! This is not ‘…Ziggy Stardust…’! That’s not ‘Scary Monsters…’!’ But it was huge because it spoke to a broader audience. I think a record like this will speak to a broader audience [for Urban], and the country people will come around.”