Beck says his new album was inspired by The Strokes

'Morning Phase' follow-up will be released in October

Beck has described the influences behind his as-yet-untitled new album, saying that it was partially inspired by playing live with The Strokes.

The forthcoming LP will be released on October 21, produced by Beck with Greg Kurstin, who was a member of Beck’s band around 2002 album ‘Sea Change’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Beck explained how he had been inspired by performing live over the past year or so, including his Hyde Park gig with The Strokes last summer.


“It’s a summer night, people have their hands up,” Beck recalled. “It’s a communal, celebratory thing. I wanted to take that into the studio, a kind of energy or joy. The thing that wakes you up a little bit.”


Beck continued of his recent live shows: “It’s kind of life-sparking. I want to have some new things to say. I’m still filling out the picture. We do ‘Where It’s At,’ and you’re like, ‘OK, we needed that.’ Then you do another one. It’s all adding up to a picture.”

The report describes the album as full of “big hooks, hip-hop loops and the poppy energy of his classic Nineties work,” while Beck added: “There’s a substratum to a lot of the songs – songs within other songs, choruses that became bridges. It’s not far from how I made my first couple of records.”

The album follows 2014’s ‘Morning Phase’ and will feature 2015’s single ‘Dreams’ as well as comeback track ‘Wow’.

Of his Grammy Award win for ‘Morning Phase’, Beck he “had no expectations” for the record, calling his albums “ships in the night” and that he simply wanted to release it “just so we would have something out, because we were going on tour”.

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