Beck: ‘Danger Mouse was only supposed to produce one song’

Beck Hansen speaks about collaborating with the DJ for new album

Beck has revealed that DJ Danger Mouse – who produced his new album, ‘Modern Guilt’ – was originally only supposed to collaborate on one track with him.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Beck explained that Danger Mouse originally said he didn’t have time to produce an entire album for him, but changed his mind after the pair began working together.

“We were already friends, so I called him and said, ‘Let’s do a record’,” Beck said. “But he said, ‘Well, I don’t have time so we’ll do one song.’

“We did the first song on the album [‘Orphans’] and then decided that there was a whole record there. A couple of months later – we had a whole record.”

Speaking about how well the duo worked together, Beck said: “[His] approach comes more from the hip-hop and electronic world, but I apply that to more traditional songwriting and rock and folk – and bring those elements into it.

“He brought all the beats so that set the tone for the record. These rhythms gave me the ideas for these songs and so that’s kinda how we came together.”