Beck banned from the charts

New album's extra features breaks rules

Beck’s new album ’The Information’ has been banned from the UK chart.

The record, which was released on October 2, has fallen foul of the rules set by the Official Chart Company.

The packaging of the CD, which includes a DVD feature and stickers that allow fans to design their own artwork, has made the album illegible in Sunday’s (October 8) countdown.


According to the OCC, the DVD of homemade videos for each song on the LP – plus four random sticker sets designed by artists handpicked by Beck – gives ’The Information’ an “unfair advantage” over other releases.

Commenting on the ban, a spokesperson for Beck’s label said they knew they risked the album being dropped by the charts, but that Beck was keen to include the extras.

They explained: “We knew before the album was released that the DVD and stickers would affect its chart eligibility, but they’re both such brilliant ideas that it was never a question of us doing anything different from what Beck had planned for the release of ’The Information’.”

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