Beck records new material for ‘Scott Pilgrim’ soundtrack

Singer supplies the tunes for fictional band Sex Bob-Omb in new movie

Full details of the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, which features new material from Beck, have been revealed.

The comic-book adaptation, directed by Edgar Wright, who also helmed Shaun Of The Dead and Spaced, stars Michael Cera as the hero Pilgrim, bassist with fictional Canadian band Sex Bob-Omb.

In the film he has to defeat the seven evil ex-boyfriends of his dream girl Ramona Flowers, video-game style, in order to win her heart, while the band, described in the comic as “kind of crappy”, have been brought to life by Beck.


Rival band Crash And The Boys are ‘played’ by Canadian stars Broken Social Scene.

As well as these groups, the soundtrack features tracks from Frank Black, Black Lips and Metric.

The soundtrack is released on August 10, three days before the film.

The tracklisting is:

Sex Bob-Omb – ‘We Are Sex Bob-Omb’
Plumtree – ‘Scott Pilgrim’
Frank Black – ‘I Heard Ramona Sing’
Beachwood Sparks – ‘By Your Side’
Black Lips – ‘O Katrina!’
Crash And The Boys – ‘I’m Sad, So Very Sad’
Crash And The Boys – ‘We Hate You, Please Die’
Sex Bob-Omb – ‘Garbage Truck’
T-Rex – ‘Teenage Dream’
The Bluetones – ‘Sleazy Bed Track’
Blood Red Shoes – ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’
Metric – ‘Black Sheep’
Sex Bob-Omb – ‘Threshold’
Broken Social Scene – ‘Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl’
The Rolling Stones – ‘Under My Thumb’
Beck – ‘Ramona (acoustic)’
Sex Bob-Omb – ‘Summertime’
Brian LeBarton – ‘Threshold 8 Bit’