Beck does festival karaoke at V

Weston Park get to hear ‘Creep’ early

Beck included two unlikely covers in his set to night (August 20) at the Weston Park leg of V Festival.

Playing an acoustic segment of his hour long set, Beck performed a disjointed cover of ’Creep’ by tonight’s headliners Radiohead.

With the crowd joining in, the singer praised the audiences’ vocals, telling them: “It’s quite nice, have you all been rehearsing that?”


Beck then produced a version of The Flaming Lips’ ’Do You Realize’.

The star also paid tribute to the bands he is sharing the bill with explaining: “It’s an honour to be up here playing on this stage with Radiohead, Bloc Party and all those bands.”

As with last night’s (August 19) show at the Chelmsford leg of V, Beck and his band were backed by puppet replicas of themselves, who copied their every move and even used their own “puppetcam” to relay the on stage action to the crowd via the big screens.

Along with the covers, Beck’s set also included his own songs, ’Where It’s At’, ’Black Tambourine’ and ’Looser’ among others.

The final day of V Festival continues now with Radiohead headlining in Stafford and Morrissey in Chelmsford.