New Beck video appears online

It’s from his hip hop album

A new Beck video for the song ’I Think I’m In Love’ has appeared on the singer’s Myspace site.

The lo-fi video’s song is taken from Beck‘s forthcoming album which is produced by Radiohead affiliate Nigel Godrich.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the hip hop sounding, as-yet-untitled album will feature the tracks ’Soldier Jane’,’Nausea’, ’Cell Phone’s Dead’ and ’1000 BPM’.

The singer told MTV: “Before we started, Nigel said he wanted to do a hip-hop record. And in a way it is, and in a way it isn’t. It has hip-hop songs, and my previous work with him was ‘Mutations’ (1998) and ‘Sea Change’ (2002), these sort of introspective records, and so this new one is sort of bringing those two worlds together.”

The new album is to be released in the autumn.