Beck gets mangled

Singer reveals “reconfigured” version of ‘Guero’

Beck has “mangled” his latest album for a new remix record out next year.

Recent albumn ‘Guero’ has been given a good going over by the likes of Beastie Boy Adrock, Boards Of Canada and Dizzee Rascal, and is released on January 23 as ‘Guerolito’.

However unlike other remix projects, the tinkering began before the original even existed.

“There was artists I’m a big fan of and this was an excuse to work with them,” Beck told NME.COM. “We got the remixes done probably about ten months before the (original) record came out. We just started to accumulate so many – about 35, 40 – so this is the best stuff alive.”

Some of the remixes made such an impression they even influenced Beck in the studio.

“I listened to them as they came in. With the Boards Of Canada remix there was a couple of days where I was thinking of taking the original version off the record and putting that one on,” he recalled. “Some of the remixes got me to look at the songs in a new way. It’s definitely a weird process, but I don’t get too attached to the album versions of the songs anyway. What we would do to the songs live is something akin to remixing the song I guess.”

His first album to be completely remixed, Beck suggested ‘Guero’‘s unique sound could take that treatment.

“This record was musically more open to being mangled and reconfigured,” he explained. “I have to admit when I started out I hated remixes, but they’ve really evolved into something else.”