The star also announces that he has a new touring band - it's the Flaming Lips...

BECK has named his new album ‘SEA CHANGE’, and is set to tour with the Flaming Lips as his backing band.

The 12-track album is scheduled for release on September 23 in the UK via Interscope. The album is more akin to his ‘Mutations’ album than last album proper ‘Midnite Vultures’.

The tracklisting runs: ‘The Golden Age’

‘Paper Tiger’

‘Guess I’m Doing Fine’

‘Lonesome Tears’

‘Lost Cause’

‘End of the Day’

‘It’s All In Your Mind’

‘Round The Bend’

‘Already Dead’

‘Sunday Sun’

‘Little One’

‘Side Of The Road’

Following the release, Beck will tour from mid October until early December across north America. Speaking to MTV, Beck explained the idea behind recruiting [/a] as his band.

He said: “We re-created the albums perfectly for years, so I’m not really interested in doing that. Some of the songs are due for reinventing, and the [a] will probably bring ideas to it. We’ll do whatever works”.

Dates are currently unannounced.