Beck says he may have inspired Pharrell’s massive hat

"I remember he was very drawn to my hat"

Beck has suggested that he might have been the inspiration for Pharrell Williams‘ infamous Grammys hat.

Pharrell first wore the brown Vivienne Westwood creation to the 2014 Grammys. The hat was later auctioned off and displayed at a Washington DC museum.

Speaking to Billboard recently, Beck discussed how he almost recorded an album with Williams, revealing that his own hat collection could have been headwear inspiration for the artist.

“We were going to make an album together,” Beck said. “I was going to work on this record [‘Colors’], and then do this Pharrell thing, but then ‘Get Lucky’ came out and Pharrell just had a run for a couple of years. I think at some point there will be an opening to try and ­finish some of that stuff. We were just ­getting started.”

Beck live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London

Beck live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London

Beck went on to praise Pharrell’s “optimism and his positivity”, adding that this “was what I was looking for in the record I wanted to make. Just being around that was very refreshing. I’m used to being in a room where things are being taken apart, [being] a bit more critical.”

“I remember he was very drawn to my hat,” Beck then added. “I was wearing my hat a lot at the time… He [was] like, ‘Where did you get that?'”. Asked whether he could have inspired Pharrell’s Westwood hat, he replied: “I don’t know. I mean, his is way bigger.”

Beck’s new album ‘Colors’ was released last week (October 13). Read the NME review.