Could Beck and Kanye West collaborate together?

Beck says he's 'reached out' to Yeezy

Beck has revealed that he has ‘reached out’ to Kanye West with the offer to collaborate on music together.

The pair made headlines when West caused a scene by following Beck on stage at the 2015 GRAMMY Awards – claiming that he should “respect artistry” after he picked up the award for ‘Best Album’ for ‘Morning Phase‘ ahead of Beyonce.

Now Beck, who just released his acclaimed new album ‘Colors‘, has said that he is open to working with the rapper


Asked if he’d since had any contact with West, Beck told NME: “I haven’t, no! I’ve never met him.

“I’ve actually reached out to him to see if he would work on music with me. Even when I started this record, which was two years before the Grammys happened, I asked him to work on it. He was busy or not interested, I don’t know, I never got a direct answer from him.”

Earlier this week, Beck revealed that Kanye was actually a fan of ‘Morning Phase‘.

“Eternally, there was this circus of media and the things that Kanye was saying and Beyoncé fans who were angry and that’s something that you don’t ask for,” he recalled. “But it’s like: ‘What did you expect?’ Ha! You know, it’s the music business. You’re walking right into centre of the whole thing – it’s a circus.”


Asked about how the episode meant that he was in “an elite club” with Taylor Swift – referring to the fact that they’d both been interrupted by West at awards shows.

“We were laughing about it. She’d had dinner with Kanye after the Grammys thing happened and ‘Morning Phase’ came on in the restaurant they were in and he stopped the conversation and said: ‘What is this? This is good.’ She was smiling and said: ‘This is ‘Morning Phase’!’

“So even when he went on that whole thing I didn’t take it personal and he reached out after,” he continued. “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Ultimately he had let me know that he liked the record.”

After appearing on ‘Later…With Jools Holland‘ this week, last night saw Beck launch his new album and cover The Talking Heads with an intimate, hit-packed gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

‘Colors’ by Beck is out now.