Has the title and release date of Beck’s new album finally been revealed?

Prepare for 'Colors'?

The title and release date for Beck‘s long-awaited new album appears to have been leaked online.

Said to be ‘inspired by The Strokes‘, the follow-up and upbeat sister album to 2014’s GRAMMY-winning ‘Morning Phase‘ has long been expected – and was last scheduled for a Spring 2017 release.

Now, as noted by users on Reddit page indieheads, online retailer Bull Moose appeared to briefly host a pre-order page for a new Beck album called ‘Colors’ and due for release on October 13. No artwork or tracklist was available, but the record is expected to feature recent singles ‘Dreams’ and ‘Wow’. It was available as a regular and deluxe package.


See a screengrab of the order below, as caught by Reddit user pinkcloudd:

The pre-order page for Beck's new album 'Colors'
The pre-order page for Beck’s new album ‘Colors’

NME have contacted a Beck spokesman for a response.

The album features 10 songs which according to Beck are “simple and uplifting and galvanising, where the spirit moves you, that kind of feeling. Those are the hardest. This new record I focused on that feeling. It’s the easiest to fail at. Or to come off on one hand disingenuous, or on the other hand just trite, or, you know, there’s that fine line between platitude and just the truth. And that fine line between making a big commotion and a bunch of movement and just actual unadulterated joy.”