Beck shares his take on Paul McCartney’s ‘Find My Way’ from ‘McCartney III Imagined’

Beck says he wanted to "take the song completely somewhere unexpected"

Beck has shared his take on Paul McCartney‘s ‘Find My Way’, after recording the track for a re-worked version of ‘McCartney III’.

The singer’s new cover is the second track to emerge from the album, after Dominic Fike previously debuted a hypnotic cover of ‘The Kiss of Venus’.

While the funk-laden core of the track remains intact, the new offering sees Beck providing vocals and McCartney on guitar duties.


Explaining how the remix initially came about in an interview on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 show, Beck said: “He [McCartney] just sent me that particular tune, so I just went right into it. The way I work with remixes is I’ll take the vocal and then I’ll just start from scratch.

“I’ll just build a whole new song. And that particular song, I actually changed it from major to minor, so I had to do a little bit of altering, but I think it served the groove a bit.

“And also Paul did the album himself as well, playing on the instruments. So it’s sort of done in the spirit of the record that he made. I think that’s what is great about remixes is to completely take liberties and take the song completely somewhere unexpected.”

He also opened up on the first time he met McCartney in the early 2000s.

“I think Nigel Godrich, who’s produced a few of my records, was doing a record with him,” Beck said.


“So I went to go hang out with them in the studio a few times and got to learn things they were working on that never came out. He’s a legend, and over the years we’ve hung out. We did a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing. Been up to the house before, he’s the greatest.”

In a four-star review of McCartney III, NME‘s Mark Beaumont called it “a stellar return to his three-decade-spanning series”.

He added: “If future archaeologists take this three-album series as a significant marker of his solo half-century, they’ll conclude that Paul McCartney never stopped liberating.”

Last month, McCartney announced a career-spanning book about his life through 154 songs from his back catalogue.

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